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That Game Tyler's Running This Summer's Journal
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Friday, July 28th, 2006
9:00 pm
Hey, guys. Seeing as there isn't much time between now and people leaving for college, I guess the game is postponed now, until further notice. I would like to continue it sometime, so keep up with your character sheets or give them to me or someone else who will.

Also, Mike knows someone who can draw everyone's characters, so if you see this post your races and any physical specifications, such as outfit, weapons on hand, height, eye or hair color. Or anything else that applies. Austin or Jason, post what Lord Fluffington looks like.

Also also, Mike doesn't really know where his character sheet is, so if any of you think you might have it, please look.

Until later...Conor Melon?
Monday, June 5th, 2006
5:03 pm
So, we so far should have:

Jason- (Female) Human Alchemist
Jeff- Human Henchman
Dan- Human Ranger
Austin- Halfling Druid
Mike- Halfling Rogue
Will- Dwarf Fighter
Forest- Human (life) Cleric
Duncan- Sylvan Elf Apprentice Ranger-Barbarian
Lorna- Half-elf Bard
Brock?-...Death Cleric?
Hannah-...non-drow evil elf?
Tyler- (Duel-class, True Neutral) Universe
5:02 pm
Okokok. So, this community exists now. Thank you, Jason. No, we won't call it Endor.

It'll take place in a place, during some time. Mmm, treasure puzzle monsters.
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